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Technologia operates seamlessly across global landscapes, with strategically located offices in London, the USA, and India. Our London office serves as a hub for European operations, providing localized support and expertise. In the USA, our office facilitates effective communication with clients and partners across North America, ensuring timely collaboration and project management. Meanwhile, our presence in India enhances our capabilities with a skilled and diverse talent pool, fostering innovation and efficiency in software development and technological solutions. These strategically positioned offices underscore our commitment to delivering high-quality services and fostering global partnerships while maintaining proximity to our clients in key regions


Shiven Shoppers

318, Elephanta Business hub, Singanpore road, Surat, GJ 395004, India

United Kingdom


197 Trinity Square 23-59 Staines Road Hounslow TW3 3GG

United States

New Jersey

12421 W. 151st St., Suite 100
Olathe, KS 66000

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