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HealthiWealthi™ is directly connecting YOU (individuals, families & teams) with your personal 24/7 coach offering health & life coaching group meetings, personal consultations, unlimited chat support and unlimited micro-habit Lifestyle Prescriptions®.

The Challenge

Developing HealthiWealthi, an online health coaching and consulting software, presented unique challenges, notably in creating a personalized and interactive user experience that could adapt to various health goals and conditions. Ensuring the platform could seamlessly integrate a diverse range of functionalities, including live consultations, personalized coaching plans, progress tracking, and a resource library of health and wellness content, required a sophisticated backend architecture. Additionally, the challenge of implementing robust data privacy measures to protect sensitive health information, while also ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA in the United States, demanded careful planning and execution. Balancing the need for a highly interactive and user-friendly interface with the stringent security and privacy requirements inherent in the health sector was a complex task that required innovative solutions and meticulous attention to detail.

What did
Technologia do

To overcome the challenges faced in developing HealthiWealthi, Technologia employed a two-pronged strategy focusing on technological innovation and rigorous compliance:

  1. Sophisticated Backend Architecture and Personalization Algorithms:
    Technologia designed a robust backend architecture capable of supporting a wide range of functionalities essential for a comprehensive health coaching experience. By leveraging advanced personalization algorithms, the platform was able to offer customized coaching plans, diet and exercise recommendations, and health goal tracking tailored to the unique needs of each user. This approach ensured that users received a highly personalized and interactive experience, encouraging engagement and facilitating progress towards their health goals.

  2. Stringent Data Privacy Measures and Regulatory Compliance: Recognizing the paramount importance of data security in the health sector, Technologia implemented state-of-the-art encryption and secure data handling practices to protect sensitive user information. The development team worked closely with legal experts to ensure that HealthiWealthi complied with all relevant health care regulations, including HIPAA in the United States, guaranteeing that users’ health data were handled with the utmost care and confidentiality. This meticulous focus on security and privacy not only built trust with users but also positioned HealthiWealthi as a reliable and ethical platform in the online health coaching and consulting space.

The technology that we use to support HealthiWealthi

React Native
Angular Js

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